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P3.75 @ $150 / Panel


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Just a small accent peice or a giant 40 foot big screen, and anything in between. Staggered stair layouts on one side, hanging panels, cubes, cylinders and more - almost anything you can imagine, we can help you produce - all with the best prices available. Want to talk to an expert about the best way to show off your company? We are happy to help and even render some options so you can visualize the end result before the show.

Bring a video

You can display anything you want on your LED seamless wall rental. From commercials for your products to slideshows and customer testomonials and installations. We suggest a minimum of 720p for video qaulity, but dont forget that your installation doesnt have to be a standard height or width, we can help you design custom layouts with odd shapes and even curves and spaced out displays. Only limited by your imagination, but we can help you realize your dream display.

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$150/Panel All inclusive

Look no further, Seamless LED pricing can be outrageous and confusing. ROI Design has relationships directly with the manufacturers as our partners so we have the flexibility to offer better prices than anywhere else. We can get your job in under budget with Premium HD quality. As an example, we can do 480mm P3.75 panels at only $150 each which includes everything you need for the show - The WHOLE SHOW, its not a daily price. You get your full 3 or 4 days at that rate. 3 panels tall, 4 panels wide for a nice 12 panel display for less than $2000? Yes! Bigger? Smaller? On site tech for setup and tear down? Hanging or standing support? Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

HD Quality

LED wall quality is graded by resolution, and the resolution is determined by measurments of pixel density. You will see numbers like P4.0, or PP4 - PP stands for Pixel Pitch. The number, 4 in this case, means the pixels ar 4mm apart from each other. The closer they are, the higher the resolution. Bigger PP usually means cheaper displays, though if your building a gigantic outdoor video wall to be viewed from several yards to hundreds of feet away, then it might be just what you need. An indoor, up close screen should use the smallest PP you can afford for best results. Our standard P3.75 is great for indoor trade show presentations.

Premium cutting edge processor

This is no discount deal, you can expect nothing but the best including critical components like the processor to handle the video or slideshow for your seamless LED display. We use Nova star processors and other premium computer components to handle the back end for raw speed and power.

Hanging or Standing Support

Your LED wall will need to have a supporting structure, whether it stands in or besides your exhibit, or if its hanging above your exhibit. We provide the structural support in the price. Depending on the location of your exhibit and the union rulse for installation labor, we can help you determine the most cost effective way to show off your HD LED seamless wall display

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